Devil May Cry Gets Reinvented

by Chad

Capcom’s flagship game franchise Devil May Cry gets revamped as DmC: Devil May Cry to explore new possibilities along with a new world, new characters, enemies, innovated gameplay action and last but not the least, a seemingly new yet same-old Dante. How, you ask? Watch the trailers below!

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“Set against a contemporary backdrop, DmC depict a duplicitous world where nothing is ever as it seems and the line between good and evil is constantly blurred. Spurred into action by the promises of a trusted relation, Dante bursts into this world intent on revenge at any cost. DmC retains the series signature mix of sword and gunplay but add additional weapons, all new powers and a revitalised gameplay system as players encounter the game’s devilish mix of enemies and navigate the rich, interactive environment.” -IGN

So what will happen to the old Dante? It hasn’t been confirmed yet that the new guy has any connection to the old one, but Capcom apparently gave directives to developer Ninja Theory to go farther away to the original design – and some fans have been violent about it. The new guy is said to be an angel/demon hybrid, instead of the demon/human one. But his hair turns white when the Devil Trigger is activated. So yeah, it definitely makes things a lot more confusing. And because he’s got angel blood, there are now 3 modes when in combat!

Anyway, as much as I want to explain every detail that’s come to light, it’s already 5am and I gotta have some shut eye. So I’ll just let Wikia do the talking. Click here for Wikia’s page for DmC: Devil May Cry. :D

Here are the official videos currently released:

DmC Announcement Trailer

E3 2011 Trailer

DmC Gamescom Trailer

Extended Gameplay Trailer

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