Shakugan No Shana Starts Final Season

by Chad

It’s been 3 years already since season 2? My, time sure does goes by so fast. Anyway, I’m really glad Shakugan No Shana finally returns with it’s last season! Sorry for the featured image below, I couldn’t find anything better than a magazine scan. It seems they haven’t released that much media yet regarding the third season.

So, “who the hell is that long-haired Dynasty Warrior dude in the middle” you ask? It’s our main protagonist seemingly-turned anti-hero, Sakai Yuji! Apparently, he disappears from season 2 like a burnt-out Torch and has been revived as the leader of the enemy forces, Bal Masque. I know, it’s weird. But who knows? I’ma give it a shot since it just started.

Episode 1 was a bit disappointing though. They kind of went overboard with the melodrama and seriousness which I bet have pushed away potential future fans. The episode was structured in a way that even those who watched both seasons and remembered the events well felt confused and screwed. Awkward plot twist, anyone? Lol. Oh well, you decide for yourself. The download link is below!

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Download Episode 1 of Shakugan No Shana III c/o Commie

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